Work with local UK executive coaches or worldwide

Think executive coaching might help you? But not tried yet. What’s in the way? Read our article on finding a great one. Local UK coaches are many. London holds the key to success coaches for executives.

You don’t have to be a genius to get one or make best use of one.

How do you know it’ll work. Try it. Even two session should show you tings and development in that time. What does success mean to you? If you’re not sure – isn’t it time you found out? Success with executive coaching is not assured BUT it’s definitely better than without. And you don’t even have to wait 20 years to see if it works out. You’ll see it and feel it and so will others. Your colleagues and bosses. Ask them what are the changes they’d like to see with you. This is a great start if you’ve the kohonas to ask. They’ll like that you did and love it if you actually started addressing these issues. If you can’t take your success seriously how can you expect others to? But of course it doesn’t mean you’re taking yourself too seriously.


Success with executive coaching

Time 100 companies and c-suites to the reviewed what they took on coaches for: This is what they found across the UK and centred around London coaches.

High performance – 53%
Quality of leadership – 48%
Support – 39%
Group strength – 67%
Finishing things satisfaction – 61%
Inter personal relationships – 77%

Find an executive coach with quality services and training proving themselves and getting the ROI to compare. A personal one-2-one service tailored around you and what you need. Nothing else comes close.

Excellent and great exec coaches use NLP, EQ, PSYCHOMETRICS,  Success theory, cognitive behaviour practice and more. Last century coaches use advice and personality tests. The latter aren’t development tools just awareness ones so why use them? you can’t change personality. So stick to what can be changed and what mostly affects success and fulfilment – EQ Tests. Awareness, management, impulse control, independence, self-regard. Just a few components to test.

Winning with coaching c-suites

it’s a winning formula for c-suite executives and senior leaders.

Do business coaches or executive coaches give guarantees – or all bets are off. Winning, Get to Yes.

Coaches identify where you are now and where you wish to be. This benchmarking quantifies targets and progress. It’s about Goals and tools like SMARTER – knowing what you want from life and work.

Executive coaching is best used where it has greatest effect – senior leaders can manage thousands of people, influence cultures and society and affect products and services that are meant to serve society. Any wonder the more senior the role the more coaching and in particular emotional intelligence executive coaching tailoring eq skills works better at senior levels. From BBC ,London Times, to US State Department, US AIR FORCE, Accenture, KPMG , CAP GEMINI.